A Reasonable Request by Andrew Laurich (2016) (USA) (9m)

Written by Gabriel Miller and directed by Andrew Laurich, A Reasonable Request is an American comedy that performed well on the short film festival circuit. A young man has asked to meet with his father in a diner. He is in need of money and his father can help him earn a lot in one night. As long as the older man is willing to take part in a sex act. With him. It is surely a reasonable request?

High Maintenance

Actresses by Jeremy Hersh (2014) (USA) (12m)

Actresses follows the love story between two female actors - a seasoned professional and an ingénue, though it is not quite a lesbian All About Eve. Instead, it is an observational piece exploring the insecurity and self-obsession exhibited by the less experienced actress, and thus people generally and perhaps actresses more specifically. A little like All About Eve, it is the ingenue's burgeoning career that causes the problems as she constantly obsesses about her performance and whether her girlfriend approves.

Natural Route

Undressing My Mother

Gregory Go Boom by Janicza Bravo (2014) (USA) (18m)

Starring Michael Cera, Gregory Go Boom is a black comedy that will not appeal to everyone. It follows the attempts of a weird paraplegic to find love via internet dating. He finds a girl willing to overlook his lack of mobility, but things do not go well when it comes to bedtime. Her jealous boyfriend complicates matters. As mentioned, it will not be to everyone's tastes, being quite dark and a little ponderous in places, but it did well at Sundance.

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