Written and directed by Lena Hudson, Daddy's Girl played at Sundance in 2022; and is typical of the Americana black comedies that the festival has rewarded in the past (like Thunder Road). There would also seem to be some heavy Fleabag influence on Hudson; not least with a scene based on a woman's porn penchant. Daddy's Girl sees a young woman (Tedra Millan) roping in her pot-smoking father to help her move out of her older boyfriend's apartment. However, when he stumbles upon her porn (though it is unclear why she was masturbating while waiting for her father to arrive) she is forced to lie her way through her familial issues. To round of the influences (or references), there is a fairly clear nod to The Graduate (which of course had an intergenerational relationship) at the end of the film. If you like the dramedy Daddy's Girl by Lena Hudson be sure to rate it and share it.

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