Cooped by Mike A Smith (2014) (USA) (9m) *

Cooped, a fantastic hand-drawn animation, was selected as the Best Short Animation in the competition. Written and directed by American Mike A Smith, Cooped is a comic short film that tells the story of a poor dog that is stuck inside all day while his master is at work. The hound can see the amazing world of squirrels and tennis balls that exists outisde his place of imprisonment, but is unable to open the door. With his master only ever coming back to sleep, it seems that our canine hero will never get out...


The Last 3 Minutes by Po Chan (2010) (US) (5m) *

Written and directed by American cinematographer Po Chan, The Last 3 Minutes is an unashamedly tear-jerking flashback through a dying man's life. Every shot is lovingly crafted and there are some beautiful American landscapes - as one might expect from an American DoP! Shot in 2010, Chan also shows the possibilities of the new class of video-capable DSLR cameras (in this case a Canon 5D). It may not be to everyone's tastes but her film is truly filmic...

The Last 3 Minutes

Spin by Jamin Winans (2005) (USA) (8m) *

Written and directed by Jamin Winans, Spin is one of those drama short films that prove you can be a little bit differnt. Winans employs his love of music (he is also the film's composer) in this simple tale of an angel-like DJ who is sent down to put right an everyday situation that is going wrong and ending in trajedy. With no dialogue and plenty of sly humor, Spin is one of those near-perfect short films.


The Old Negro Space

The Old Negro Space Program by Andy Bobrow (2004) (US) (10m)

The Old Negro Space Program is an amusing mockumentary from Andy Bobrow, who was a resident writer on the amusing Malcolm In The Middle television series. Using a lot of photoshopped images and fabulous actors that give it the tinge of reality that makes a great mockumentary, The Old Negro Space Program tells the until now untold story of how a racist America has erased the historic contribution of Afro-Caribbean astronauts to the NASA space program.

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