The Old Negro Space

The Old Negro Space Program by Andy Bobrow (2004) (US) (10m)

The Old Negro Space Program is an amusing mockumentary from Andy Bobrow, who was a resident writer on the amusing Malcolm In The Middle television series. Using a lot of photoshopped images and fabulous actors that give it the tinge of reality that makes a great mockumentary, The Old Negro Space Program tells the until now untold story of how a racist America has erased the historic contribution of Afro-Caribbean astronauts to the NASA space program.

Curfew by Shawn Christensen (2012) (USA) (19m)

Written and directed by Shawn Christensen for himself to star in, Curfew won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2013. Curfew, also starring child actor Fatima Ptacek, was written as a proof of concept for the feature film, Before I Disappear. Richie is at a low point in his life when he gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his nephew, Sophia, for a few hours. Their night time excursion reveals a connection between two lost souls.

The Shore


Piper by Alan Barillaro (2016) (USA) (6m) *

Piper won the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2017. It is a sweet story about a young piper (bird) learning how to feed on the beach and, with the help of a young crab, discovering that there is a better way to pinpoint its food. The computer animation - which at times is indistinguishable from live action - is beautifully done and a faux documentary camera style gives it a sense of realism.

Mis-drop by Ferend Peek (2013) (New Zealand) (14m)

The brilliant sci-fi short film Mis-drop by Ferend Peek was a finalist in the 7th FILMSshort competition. Set some 300 years in the future, it is mainly told with one shot, which shows a new recruit taking part in his first "drop". His team are dropping from a spaceship onto an alien world they are colonising and mining. It is being watched back by a forensic accountant, who has to decide whether what went wrong was the fault of the rookie or not.


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