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Madeleine Sanderson For more than eighteen years, Madeleine was the managing director of the leading production company Partizan, which has offices in London, LA, New York, Paris and Berlin. In 2016 she set up her own production company, Curate Films, with a focus on producing feature length fiction and documentary films. During her many years in the business, she has helped many directors make short films.


Gillies MacKinnon Gillies is one of Scotland's leading filmmakers, having directed high-end TV drama (The Village, Trial & Retribution) and feature films (Hideous Kinky, Behind The Lines) for the last two decades. Having studied at the NFTS, he also watches short films as an assessor for the world-famous film school. He has been nominated for a BAFTA award, and has won numerous other awards during his career.


Sophia Di Martino Sophia has been building a reputation as one of the UK's leading actors over the last ten years having made her name in the long-running hospital drama series, Casualty. Having starred in Flowers for C4 in 2018, her next project is Danny Boyle's eagerly anticipated next film, which was penned by Richard Curtis. However, she has always supported short films and has recently helmed her own short.

Robert Brinkmann

Robert Brinkmann A Hollywood cinematographer, director and all-round good guy, Robert has never turned his back on shorts despite working on major studio feature films (The Cable Guy, Rules of Attraction) and TV dramas (The Good Guys). As well as producing, more recently he has pursued his interest in directing, making the wonderful short Cindy's New Boyfriend. Robert selects the Cinematography Award.


Daisy Jacobs Daisy came close to matching Sam Karmann's amazing feats by winning a BAFTA and being nominated for both an Oscar and Palm d'Or in 2015 with her ground-breaking short animation, The Bigger Picture. A graduate of the National Film & Television School, Daisy used the same life-size animation technique to make The Full Story, which is still on the festival circuit. Daisy judges the Animation Award.


Femi Oyeniran Femi started out as an actor, starring in films such as Kidulthood and Adulthood. After studying for a law degree, he began producing films and TV with his late producing partner and friend, Victor Adebodun, and continues to do so through Silver Streak Films. He produced the Sky comedy drama Venus vs Mars and films including The Intent and its prequal. Femi chooses the best BAME award.

Alex Jago

Alexa Jago Alexa began her career as an actress, working mostly in Hollywood, before focusing on production, and setting up Genesis Media Capital. Her recent feature film, Kilo Two Bravo, was nominated for a BAFTA and won several other awards, including a BIFA. She is now developing a slate of films - across different genres - to produce and finance. She splits her time mostly between the UK and US.


Ken Petrie. Scottish film producer Ken Petrie started out in special effects, before producing several short films, including the award-winning The Gift with compatriot Gabriel Robertson. He then moved onto feature films, which include WWII drama Enemy Within and thriller Shadowplay, both of which are due for release in 2019. Having been there himself, Ken is keen to support up-and-coming filmmakers.


Nina Gantz Nina is a successful Dutch animator who studied in both the Netherlands and the UK. Her unsettling 2015 stop motion film, Edmond, won Jury Prize for Best Animation at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 and also went on to pick up the BAFTA for Best Short Animation. She has since worked as animator on a variety of projects across film and advertising. Nina judges the Animation Award alongside Daisy.

Blaine Brothers

John Hardwick John is from Liverpool but studied film in the United States. He started out in shorts before moving into television, including The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret in 2016. His feature films include the 2013 British comedy, Svengali, starring Martin Freeman. But he also likes to keep his hand in with short filmmaking, and recently made the fiction-meets-reality comedy The Pitch.

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Ella More O'Farrel Ella is Head of Production at Partizan, which has a worldwide reputation for creative excellence. Established in 1991 and recently listed as ‘Best production Company in the World’, Ella joined Partizan as a producer in 2004. The company remains one of the world’s principal content creators, known for its music videos, commercials, documentaries, feature films, animation, digital and branded content. 


Chris Sawtelle Chris is an agent at ICM Partners in Los Angeles. In case you are unaware, ICM is one of the biggest agencies in Hollywood (and thus the world), known for both its on-screen and off-screen talent. It is especially well-known for packaging films and TV shows, such as Modern Family and Breaking Bad. Chris works in the Motion Picture Literary Department. Before joining ICM, Chris worked at Anonymous Content.


David Kayser Having worked as an assistant at Casarotto for several years, David is now creating his own client list of writers and directors. Casarotto is of course one of the world's leading agencies, representing some of the biggest names in film and television (to list them all would be exhausting). A native South African, David is a genuinely good guy, but is also incredibly busy so can only watch the winner.


Max Yeoman Max is a co-founder of MindsEye, one of the most respected agencies in the UK. A talent-centric commercials and film production company, MindsEye produces commercials, music videos and short films, as well as a growing film & TV development arm. Max and the agency itself are passionate about filmmaking and storytelling, their goal is to be the best home for directing and producing.


Gavin Cosmo Mehrtens Gavin founded Cowboy Cosmonaut Films with producing partner Ashley Holberry in 2014 and signed a development deal with Goldfinch Studios in 2018. Both Gavin and Ashley had previously worked for Working Title Films, one of the UK's biggest film production companies. Cowboy Cosmonaut are building a slate of genre films and their first feature, Burners, is shooting this year.

Steven Russell

Steven Russell Steven represents writers and directors at Collective Talent. He has a wealth of experience in the film and TV industry; covering script editing, development, production, financing, and sales. He most enjoys nurturing new talent, and bringing their voices to the screen, so is always keeping his eye out for new writers and directors, and knows that short films is where to find them.

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