4.1 Miles was nominated for the Best Short Documentary Oscar in 2017. Made for the New York Times by Greek filmmaker Daphne Matziaraki, it is a compelling film with no voiceover and no interviewer. Instead, it simply shows the efforts of a Greek coast guard boat, stationed on the small island of Lesbos, as it is constantly attempting to rescue refugees stranded on overcrowded boats in the Aegean Sea. The refugees, crammed onto the boats by dispassionate people smugglers, are trying to make it from Turkey to Greece, a crossing of 4.1 miles. The refugees are hoping Europe will give them refuge and Lesbos, the nearest Greek island, has thus been overwhelmed by the refugee crisis. What else can the captain of the boat do but try to rescue as many as he can? Unfortunately, the people smugglers have less compassion. If you like 4.1 Miles by Daphne Matziaraki be sure to rate it and share it.

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