Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Charles Williams, All These Creatures won the Palm d'Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. It tells the story of Tempest, an Australian teen of African heritage whose father suffers from mental illness. The title ostensibly refers to the older man's obsession with the insects overrunning his back garden. All These Creatures is a drama film told through narration as much as visuals, and contains very little actual dialogue. It is more of a contemplative piece, with little in the way of story. Despite its unusual form and structure, it went on to play at many other film festivals after its Cannes triumph, picking up lots of awards. It is certainly nicely made, with a filmic look, but one wonders if its win in Cannes played a part in its future successes. Williams had made several short films prior to All These Creatures, but will surely now move on to features. If you like All These Creatures by Charles Williams, be sure to rate it.

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