Written and directed by female Kosovon filmmaker Lendita Zeqiraj, Balcony (Ballkoni) was a massive hit on the festival circuit, winning many awards. A black comedy, its story centres around a 10-year-old boy sitting on the edge of a 4th floor balcony and spitting at passers-by. These passers-by, worried that he might fall, call the police for help. The police have no idea what do, so call the fire service. With every passer-by stopping to have their say, the situation quickly becomes unmanageable. Lendita says, "It's an observation of the mindset of our society, which may quickly deviate into an absurd situation, revealing the reality of everyday life in Kosovo". Lendita has since made the 2018 feature film, Aga's House, set during the Kosovo war. If you like the black comedy Balcony by Lendita Zeqiraj, be sure to rate it and share it!

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