Written and directed by Logan George and Celine Held, Caroline is very - and I mean very - reminiscent of Andrea Arnold's 2003 Oscar winning short film Wasp. That is not to say that Caroline is not a very accomplished film with wonderful acting - especially from its young lead - in its own right but one does have to question its nomination for the Palm d'Or at Cannes when it is so clearly inspired by the craft and content of a previously successful short film from a director beloved by Cannes (like Arnold). Caroline is set in North America and tells the story of a single mother with an interview but no-one to look after her three young children, the eldest of which is called Caroline. She has little choice but to leave them in the car while she goes inside for the interview but concerned passers-by soon get involved. If you like Caroline by Logan George and Celin Held be sure to rate it and share it.

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