Written and directed by Andre Chocron, Chronos is an incredibly impressive one-shot sci-fi thriller that is close to brilliant but let down slightly by the script and a few (just a few) poorly delivered lines. Set in a pub, apparently disparate groups of patrons spend an everyday evening with most of them not knowing that they are trapped in a time loop. Yet events are never quite the same, and the reason is perhaps too complex to work out during the film (at least I only fully understood what had happened afterwards). The whole thing spawns from two patrons (or is it four?), Nick and Tom, young physicists who have discovered a new way to look at time. It is perhaps the complexity of the plot, with an essential element happening in the future (or in the past), that makes it a little less engaging than it should be. It is also pitched as having a dramatic climax, but its somewhat anticlimactic end is another problem for me. If you like Chronos by Andre Chocron be sure to rate it and share it!

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