Directed by American filmmaker Anthony Giacchino, this Oscar-winning short doc follows the eponymous Colette Marin-Catherine, whose family were in the French Resistance during WWII, and who is visiting Germany for the first time at 90. Her journey is instigated by the young French student who is composing biographies of those who died at Neuengamme concentration camp, including Colette's brother. Of course, anything about the death camps - from Life Is Beautiful to Son Of Saul - is bound to bring a tear to your eye and it is hard to find a unique take on the Holocaust. However, the sheer horrors of what happened remains fertile ground, and it is hard for the Academy to ignore such gut-wrenching testimony. Toyland also won an Oscar in 2009. If you like Colette by Anthony Giacchino, be sure to rate and share it.

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