Written and directed by Reed Van Dyk, the wonderful DeKalb Elementary was nominated for an Oscar in 2018, losing out the inferior The Silent Child (proving that if you want to win an Oscar, your chances are significantly higher if you focus on a child). It retells the 2013 incident at McNair Academy in Georgia, USA, when bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff helped persuade a mentally ill gunman to give up rather than go on a suicidal rampage. The opening of the film is very much inspired by Michael Haneke, but that is no bad thing (unless you hate that style of filmmaking) and the whole film is simply breathtaking. The acting is especially strong from the two main protagonists (Tarra Riggs and Bo Mitchell). Although mostly contained within the school reception, this film clearly had a significant budget. If you like the Oscar nominated drama/thriller DeKalb Elementary by Reed Van Dyke be sure to rate it and share it.

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