Created by Riley Engemoen and Liz Moskowitz, Down Home is one of those very simple but life-affirming documentaries that makes you think that maybe, just maybe, not all humans are selfish arseholes. Down Home follows some of the campers at Down Home Ranch in Texas, which provides a summer camp for people with learning difficulties that might not otherwise experience such an American rights of passage. Many have Down Syndrome but it is unclear whether that fed into the camp's name - "down-home" is a well-known phrase that refers to small-town Dixie (and thus Texan) Americana. The camp director himself seems to be looking for confirmation of his meriting a place on Earth and feels like there's a longer form project ready to be tapped into. If you like the short documentary Down Home by American filmmakers Riley Engemoen and Liz Moskowitz be sure to rate it and share it!

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