Written and directed by precocious German filmmaker Martin Monk, the low key drama Favourites (Favoriten) was a hit on the festival circuit. It is very much a festival film, having a subtle story and muted quality, though somehow not pretentious like many others (perhaps because it was not shot in 4:3 ratio). It follows talkative and confident teenager Lia, who has run away from home after rowing with her mother. Apparently wanting to find her father in Italy, but with no money, she finally gets a lift from the middle-aged and taciturn Michael. But just who is Michael? One might expect a thriller to unfold, or at least some kind of sexual urges (as per Fish Tank) from the older man but this is a more subtle drama with space given to Lia's emotions. If you like the drama Favourites by Martin Monk, be sure to rate it and share it.

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