Based on the poem by American poet Maggie Smith that went viral in 2016, Good Bones was made by fellow American Anais La Rocca. Inspired by the recurring line "though I keep this from my children", La Rocca imagines a pregnant mother trying to shield her young daughter from the truth about the world. Apparently, "good bones" is a phrase American estate agents (realtors) use to disguise the truth of a "shithole". The metaphor is thus applied to the Earth, where every good deed is matched by a bad deed and the "world is at least 50% terrible". It depends on your definition of terrible, of course, but this somewhat misanthropic outlook is not that far-fetched. I would argue that though most people are basically good, an inherent selfishness in the genetics of mankind makes us pretty shit: ask any animal bred for its meat, milk, skin, fur or eggs if they would prefer the world without us! If you like the poetic short film Good Bones by Anais La Rocca, be sure to rate it and share it.

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