Directed by French animation students Mathieu Barbe, Damien Desvignes and Victor Hayé while at the ECV in Bordeaux, Ice Lolly (Glace à l'Eau) shows just what can be achieved with the right software, skill and time. The animation itself is incredible, although the story is perhaps taking on a little too much by addressing global warming, whaling and even plastic pollution to a smaller degree. Ice Lolly tells the story of an iceberg who slips away from his ice shelf and begins to float away towards unknown and potentially dangerous waters. He is befriended by a friendly orca (the only unfriendly orcas are the ones imprisoned by humans) but the two friends soon find themselves faced with an external threat. Other animations by French collectives include the FILMSshort competition-winning Fred and the Oscar-winning Logorama. If you like Ice Lolly by Barbe, Desvignes and Hayé, be sure to rate it and share it.

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