Directed by Rob Brunner and Justin Harding, and written by the latter, Latched is a short horror film with Hollywood production values that did very well on the short flim festival circuit. It follows single mother, Alana, and her breast-feeding toddler, Bowen, who arrive for an autumn break in their island cottage so Alana can work on her dance choreography. Alana has an unfortunate habit of closing her eyes while dancing and Bowen soon pulls out what looks like a dead fairy from the hollow of a tree. When spilt breast milk brings the creature to life, it turns out that it is not a benevolent being and Alana will need to keep her eyes open. Latched does of course utilise many of the usual horror tropes, with elements of The Blair Witch Project in the climax, but that does not detract from the overall competence and the feeling that the filmmakers could make a feature. If you like the short horror film Latched by Rob Brunner and Justin Harding be sure to rate and share it.

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