Written and directed by Alvaro Gago, Matria (Matrix) won many awards on the short film festival circuit, including the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2018. Made in Galicia in the local language (similar to Portuguese), Matria tells the story of the middle-aged and humorless Ramona as she struggles through a depressing daily routine of non-stop work, which includes working in a mussel-canning factory and buying her granddaughter's birthday present. Can anything make her smile? It is very much a slice-of-life piece, with minimal story, but it is very real with a great lead performance and, although I personally feel that short films should not be paced like feature films, it is worth showing a short that has done so well on the festival circuit. If you like Matria by Spanish filmmaker Alvaro Gago be sure to rate and share it.

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