Period. End Of Sentence. won the Academy Award for best Short Documentary in 2019. It is a shocking indictment of the struggles girls suffer in India when they start, and the mind-blowing ignorance surrounding, menstruation. Often called "the world's biggest documentary", I have personal experience of India having been involved in filming a charitable project in Kolkata (funded by educational software provider Zzish). As the recent feature film White Tiger explored, there is still a massive gap between the rich and poor, often based on caste, and the education enjoyed by each group respectively. Of course, there is also a cultural issue to be overcome when it comes to how periods are educated (to girls and boys). Fortunately, there are some trying to change things for the better; but I am always left wondering why countries with endemic poverty spend money on sending spacecrafts to Mars when the money could be better spent on their people.

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