Directed by Larry Ketang and Liam White (and written by the latter), there is much to admire about the short drama Punch-Drunk. It is almost entirely told in one medium close-up shot, which focuses on Colin, a middle-aged Irishman living in Marseilles. A stranger engages him in a cafe, and as the conversation unfolds it becomes clear that it is no coincidence (of course it isn't). It is a courageous film, expertly acted, with a well-crafted script that suffers from just one moment of clunkiness. However, I would have loved the filmmakers to follow through on their courage and have no cuts. If showing the stranger's face is important, I would have preferred to see him enter frame (while invading Colin's personal space) or have the camera move without needing a cut. If you like the short film Punch-Drunk be sure to rate and share it!

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