Written and directed by Hungarian animator Peter Vacz, Rabbit and Dear (Nyuszi és Öz) was a big hit on the festival circuit. Made as his graduation film, it tells the story of Rabbit, a sensitive female, and Deer, a more pugnacious male, who live together in perfect 2D harmony until an argument breaks out and Deer glimpses the possibility of a third dimension. Deer quickly becomes obsessed with finding and entering a 3D world. However, his success puts his relationship with the 2D Rabbit under further strain. Can they find a way to make the new z axis work for them both? It is very nicely made and reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Homer is turned into a 3D version of himself. If you like Rabbit and Dear (Nyuszi és Öz) by Hungarian Peter Vacz be sure to rate and share it with any 2D or 3D friends that might like it.

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