Written by Kristof Deak, Bex Harvey and Christian Azzola, and directed by Kristof Deak, Sing won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2017; reaffirming the Academy's commitment to honouring films which centre around a child (see Helium, Toyland and Curfew as exmples). Inspired by a true story, Sing (Mindenki) tells the story of Zsófi, who joins a new school with a famous, festival-winning choir. Although Zsófi is allowed to join the choir, she is soon asked by the manipulative singing teacher to mime instead of vocalise the lyrics. But is she the only one whose singing is not up to scratch or is the whole choir a sham? Although Hungarian, Deak actually studied filmmaking in London at the University of Westminster. If you like the Oscar-winning short film Sing by Kristof Deak be sure to rate it and share it.

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