Written by James Lucas and Mat Kirkby, and directed by Kirkby, The Phone Call won the Best Short Film Oscar in 2015. This short drama is beautifully made, with cinematography by Ole Bratt Birkeland (Judy), but it is the performance (and presence) of Sally Hawkins that makes it stand out. The filmmakers had to wait a year for Hawkins to become available, but it was worth the wait as the film would likely have faired much less well without her acting ability and star quality. Hawkins plays Heather, who volunteers as a phone operator in an understaffed crisis centre (like the Samaritans). Today, she receives a call from Stan, a jazz fan who has decided he can no longer go on after the death of his wife. Will Heather be able to save him and who really needs saving? I have to admit I was expecting a twist but did not get it (at least I think the ending contained some temporal displacement rather than a twist), but it is a solid and unashamedly lachrymose story. If you like Oscar winning The Phone Call by Matt Kirkby be sure to rate it and share it.

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