The Queen of Basketball, directed by Ben Proudfoot, has been nominated for the Best Short Documentary Oscar. It tells the story of Lusia Harris, a black woman who led a predominantly white school in Mississippi to three successive championships in basketball, for which she had a natural gift (and being 6'3'' didn't hurt). The archive footage is impressive, showing how talented all the women are, with Lusia an icon to the others. She even led the American team at the Olympics, losing to the USSR in the final, before being invited to trial for a men's NBA team. If you're not welling up by the end of this film, then you're some kind of robot. As a side note, I generally avoid posting films in 4:3 format because I find the trend rather pretentious, but the archive footage used in this documentary provides some reason for it (though The Last Dance combined formats). Be sure to rate it and share it!

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