Directed by Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal, who adapted the screenplay from the short story The Tunnel Ahead by late American author Alice Glaser, The Tunnel is a futuristic suspense thriller/horror. A Norwegian family have spent the afternoon at the beach - where they were allowed one hour in the water - and are now returning to their overpopulated city in their self-driving car via one of the tunnels, the only way in and out of the metropolis. However, the tunnels are also used for population control, meaning that if one closes while you are still inside, you will never reach the other side. It is an extremely well-made and tense film with amazing VFX and disturbing Nazi connotations - but the premise is, of course, quite ridiculous because parents would never risk their children's lives for an hour in the water (the original novella gives a reason for people wanting to take a tunnel). Ovredal had already made his breakout feature, Trollhunters, before making The Tunnel. If you like The Tunnel by Andre Overdal be sure to rate it and share it.

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