The White Helmets are a group of nearly 3000 rescue workers who volunteer across Syria during its ongoing (and supposedly) civil war. Mostly made up of tradesmen (builders, blacksmiths etc), they try to rescue civilians caught up in the fighting, which of course means they are mostly trying to save people hit by Russian bombs. A little like watching the 2019 Oscar winning feature length documentary, For Sarma, which was also filmed in Aleppo, it is difficult to not be angered by the war crimes being committed by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally (though of course Islamic militants have committed war crimes elsewhere in Syria). However, the White Helmets (or Syria Civil Defense) try to stay clear of politics, focusing instead on their humanitarian work. It is a painful watch, but does remind you that you are lucky not to be caught up in such a brutal and seemingly unnecessary conflict, and that there are good people on the ground doing their best. If you like the Oscar-winning short documentary The White Helmets, be sure to rate it and share it.

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