In the follow-up to her BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated short animation The Bigger Picture, competition judge Daisy Jacobs continues with her unique blend of painting and stop-motion animation with The Full Story, though there is also live-action thrown in and she is joined by co-director Christopher Wilder for this project. Although similar themes - of family dynamics - are explored in The Full Story, it is a different family from that met in The Bigger Picture. In the new film, we focus on Toby, who is selling his childhood home and, while walking through its empty rooms, remembering how his happiness turned to helplessness and anger. A similar conceit is found in the Oscar-winning House On Little Cubes but in a very different way. The Full Story won several awards on the festival circuit but did not quite hit the highs of The Bigger Picture, presumably because the animation style was not considered as groundbreaking as it was orginally (despite some artistic flurries). If you like The Full Story by Daisy Jacobs, be sure to rate it and share it.

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