Written by Josh Tanner and Jade van der Lei, and directed by Josh Tanner, who also shot The Landing and The Rizzle, the short horror film Wandering Soul was a hit on the short film festival circuit, picking up several awards. It is an effective horror film and it is impossible to fault the filmmaking - with the cinematographer picking up awards for his work on it - though there is perhaps room for more story within a 12-minute film. The trick, of course, with horror films - short or otherwise - is to provide something other than the thrills offered by the tried-and-tested tropes of the genre; and Wandering Soul certainly does that but I would love to have been given more insight into the main character. Perhaps it could be explored in greater depth in a feature version? If you like the short horrror film Wandering Soul by Josh Tanner be sure to rate it and share it.

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