The BBC Film Network is a collection of films that the BBC either backed
or liked enough to add to their collection. I include the best of the bunch.

Two & Two

Two & Two by Babak Anvari (2011) (UK) (8m)

Made in England but set in an Iranian school, Two & Two is an allegorical tale about a teacher telling his class of young boys that what they thought was the sum of 2 + 2 is wrong. With a writing credit for Gavin Cullen and its director, there are obvious similarities to George Orwell's 1984, where the populace are forever being told that they have in fact been fighting a different enemy to the one they thought. Two & Two was nominated for a BAFTA in 2012.

Big Society

Big Society by Nick Scott (2011) (UK) (7m)

The phrase Big Society was coined by British Prime Minister David Cameron in his pledge to make the United Kingdom a less materialistic and riotous place, and this mockumentary explores how one man might take it upon himself to carry out his good intentions. Thus an ex-soldier goes to extremes to make litter bugs see the error of their ways. Personally, I would prefer it if this were real and there really was someone beating the crap out of these people.

Wish 143

Wish 143 by Ian Barnes (2009) (UK) (23m)

Wish 143 was nominated for the Best Short Film Oscar in 2011. A black comedy directed by Ian Barnes and written by Simon Bigwell, it follows the efforts of a young cancer patient, David, trying to fulfil his final wish: which is to lose his virginity. The charity offers him Gary Neville (the soccer player) instead and his friendly priest tries to deter him but David is determined to pop his cherry before he pops his clogs.

Pop Art by Amanda Boyle (2008) (16m)

My favourite fictional work from Film London's Pulse short film scheme, Pop Art is a quirky drama about acceptance, death, friendship and... well, OK, it's about lots of things. A young boy starts at a new school but is bullied because he is in fact inflatable. Our hero is the one troubled boy who befriends him and treats him like he's normal.

Pop Art
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