Below are four of the best films from the 15th FILMSshort competition.

The Moon Fall Unconscious by Nico Scheepers (2017) (SA) (23m)

The winner of the GRAND PRIZE is The Moon Falls Unconscious (Die Maan Val Bewusteloos), a beautifully made fantasy short film from South Africa. Made in Afrikaans (a language derived from Dutch), it tells the story of the young Mia, who lives with her caring but ageing grandparents and wants to learn where she came from. All she knows are the fairytales that her grandparents have told her. But what really happened to the rest of her family?


Ouija Sex by Mondo Ghulam (2017) (UK) (4m)

Ouija Sex was a success on the short film festival circuit, picking up several awards, before winning the BEST SHORT SHORT FILM in the 15th FILMSshort Competition. It tells the story Ryan, who is heart-broken after his girlfriend dies. He manages to make contact with her using an ouija board and things soon turn rather saucy. But there's a time and place for such things. By day, Ghulam works as an animation director in the video games industry.

The Last Supper by Alicia MacDonald (2017) (UK) (3m)

Winter Hill is a personal and powerful documentary that tells the story of a lost childhood. Having fallen ill with ME/CFS when she was only 13-years-old, Melanie (not her real name) missed out on all the normal rights-of-passage, such as boyfriends and exams. Instead, she grew up in an isolated world where she was often judged by a lack of an obvious illness: her ME diagnosis was misunderstood time and again. "People are visual beasts..." as she says while talking about a disease that challenges sufferers both physically and emotionally.


Your Eyes, Will I Ever by Félicien Colmet Daâge ('18) (France) (4m)

Your Eyes, Will I Ever won the BEST ANIMATED SHORT AWARD in the 15th competiton. Directed by Paris-based animator Félicien Colmet Daâge for the titular song by four-person French band, Krill. It focuses on a couple who live a cocooned life in the middle of a desert populated by massive butterflies. The woman in the couple is captivated by the huge insects and the man soon finds her in a literal cocoon as she begins her metamorphosis.


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