Below are four of the best films from the 9th FILMSshort competition.

Conrad & The Steamplant by Dustin Cohen (2013) (USA) (8m)

The winnner of the 9th FILMSshort competition, Conrad & The Steamplant by Dustin Cohen proves that a short documentary can be just as engaging as fiction film. Conrad & The Steamplant tells the story of Conrad Milster, who has worked in a New York college's power plant most of his life. Starting as a mechanic in 1958, he became one of only four chief engineers in the plant’s 127-year history, taking over in 1965. He’s been there ever since. Cohen's film provides a beautiful and intimate insight into the man and his world.

Triangles of Happiness by Jannik Pedersen (2014) (Den) (14m)

Written by Mie Skjoldemose Jakobsen and directed by Jannik Dahl Pedersen, Triangles of Happiness (Trekanter af Lykke) was a runner-up in the competition. A black comedy from Denmark, it tells the story of a middle class couple apparently living the perfect suburban life with their son. However, it is just an illusion. The truth is the financial crisis has hit them hard and life is not what it seems from the outside. How far will they go to maintain the illusion?

Cindy's New Boyfriend by Robert Brinkmann (2015) (USA) (23m)

Written by Sean Sellars and directed by Robert Brinkmann, the comic Cindy's New Boyfriend was a finalist in in the 9th competition. Cindy is the ex-girlfriend of Spencer, who persuades his friend Nick that he should use his acting talent to scare off Cindy's new boyfriend. However, things go wrong when Cindy's new boyfriend turns out to be a man not easily scared. Brinkmann is better known as a cinematographer, shooting such films as The Cable Guy.

Honk If You're Horny by Joe Lonie (2012) (NZ) (11m)

Honk If You're Horny, written and directed by Joe Lonie, was a finalist in the 9th FILMSshort competition. In this adult-themed comedy, an enigmatic young musician takes a taxi ride with a crusty old cab driver who decides his passenger will want to hear the sordid story of how a previous fare was paid in an unusual manner. Lonie next made the short Shout At The Ground, with previous competition winner, Aidee Walker, taking the lead.

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