Below are some of the best shorts from the 10th FILMSshort competition.

Dead Bird

Warhol by Adam Ethan Crow (2014) (UK/USA) (19m)

Warhol was the joint winner in the competition and, although set in New York, was written and directed by the British filmmaker Adam Ethan Crow. It tells the story of quick-witted but fading shock-jock Dave Dawson who, having been consigned to a late night slot, is desparate to prove himself. His producer has to babysit Dave but finds himself unable to stop things getting out of control when a young caller rings in pretending to be a criminal, just as an intruder is breaking into the kid's house.

Cooped by Mike A Smith (2014) (USA) (9m) *

Cooped, a fantastic hand-drawn animation, was selected as the Best Short Animation in the competition. Written and directed by American Mike A Smith, Cooped is a comic short film that tells the story of a poor dog that is stuck inside all day while his master is at work. The hound can see the amazing world of squirrels and tennis balls that exists outisde his place of imprisonment, but is unable to open the door. With his master only ever coming back to sleep, it seems that our canine hero will never get out...



Monsters by Steve Desmond (2015) (USA) (14m)

Monsters was the co-winner of the Grand Prize in the 10th FILMSshort competition. Directed by Steve Desmond, who co-wrote it with Michael Sherman, it is a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of Jenn, who lives in a bunker with her family because the world outside is full of monsters. Her parents and elder brother do not allow her to venture out with them but she dreams of fighting the monsters herself. So she forms a plan and today is the day she goes out...

The Brink by Ben Jendras (2015) (USA) (7m)

The Brink won the People's Choice award in the 10th FILMSshort competition, proving its ability to capture the imagination. Directed by American filmmaker Ben Jendras, The Brink sees a man deserted in an endless wasteland. When he sees the sun glinting off a distant object, he sets off towards it but is blocked by another survivor, who assures him he cannot overcome the massive chasm in front separating them from rescue. But who is this second man, and why is our hero here anyway? All will be revealed.

Peanut Butter Lips

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