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More Academy Award winning short animations.

Ryan by Chris Landreth (2004) (Canada) (14m)

Ryan by Chris Landreth won the Academy Award in 2005. It is a strange mix of animation and documentary, and introduces Ryan Larkin, a pioneering Canadian animator of the 1960s who, after succumbing to addiction, was reduced to begging on the streets by the time this film was made. Supported by the Canadian Film Board, Landreth interviews his compatriot to gain an insight into a troubled genius as well as understand the process that led to his downfall.



The Chubbchubbs! by Eric Armstrong (2002) (US) (5m)

Written by Jeff Wolverton and directed by Eric Armstrong, The Chubbchubbs! was the first short animation film produced by Sony PIctures Imageworks (SPI) and won the makers the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2003. It helped positiion SPI as both a special effects company and an animation studio (now Sony Pictures Animation) but its feature films, inlcuding the Open Season series have failed to dent the dominance of Pixar and Dreamworks.

Father & Daughter by Dudok de Wit (2000) (UK/Holl/Belg) (9m) *

Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit had been nominated for an Oscar with his short animation Le Moine et le Poissonin (The Monk & The Fish) in 1994 before claiming the Academy Award (and BAFTA) for best short animation with this beautiful film, Father and Daughter. A father and daughter go cycling before the father bids his daughter goodbye. In time, the daughter grows old, but within her is always a deep longing for her father... it's a weepy!

Father & Daughter

Old Man & The Sea

The Old Man & The Sea by A Petrov (1999) (Canada) (20m) 

Aleksandr Petrov's The Old Man And The Sea won the Best Short Animation Oscar and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2000. It is a film based on Ernest Hemingway's famous 1952 novella about an old fisherman, Santiago, who struggles to land a giant marlin (a type of large biilfish!) off Cuba. It took Russian-born Petrov two whole years to paint the 30,000 frames. It is very beautiful and epitomises Canada's prestigious position in the world of short animation.  

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