Four more drama shorts from the short film festival circuit.

Election Night by Anders Thomas Jensen (1998) (Denmark) (11m)

Election Night (Valgaften in Danish) is a short comedy drama by Danish filmmaker Andres Thomas Jenson, best known now as a writer (he scripted The Duchess). It follows the last minute attempts of the liberal Peter to vote in Denmark's general election. He has to put up with a series of xenophobic taxi drivers but remains lost in the politically correct maze even after he reaches his destination.

Election Night


Dilemma by Boris Paval Conen (2005) (Holland) (10m) *

Written and directed by Boris Paval Conen, and supported by the Dutch Film Fund among others, Dilemma obviously had a considerable budget at its disposal. A jogging man begins a fun race with a boy on a bicycle but when the jogger stops at the road the boy continues into the path of an oncoming lorry. Time and people freeze for the jogger. He has the power to direct the lorry away from the boy. However, he faces a dilemma as to where he directs it.


Countdown by Marcel Kyrill Gardelli (1995) (Germany) (6m) *

A man, bereft of his wife and child, has decided to commit suicide by setting up a contraption that means when a wind-up toy - a drumming panda - falls off the end of the table, it will trigger a shotgun. The man straps himself into a chair so as he cannot escape should he have any second thoughts. However, he then spies a baby in a pram by the busy road outside, and the pram brake is about to fail...

Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich (2001) (Austria) (12m) *

Virgil Widrich is an Austrian filmmaker (and now also a film tutor in his native country) who likes to play around with the medium, mixing live-action with visual effects. Copy Shop finds a man living a routine life and working in a copy shop who wakes one day to find his world replicating istelf in perpetuity. Read into it what you will. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002 and Widrich's next short film, Fast Film, played well on the intelligentsia festival circuit.

Copy Shop

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