Four more romance short films. Some heartbreaking. Some heartwarming.

I'll Wait

I'll Wait For The Next One by P. Orreindy (2002) (France) (4m)

Co-written by Thomas Gaudin and its director, Philippe Orreindy, I'll Wait For The Next One (J'attendrai le Suivant) was nominated for the 2003 Oscar for Best Short. I'll Wait For The Next One is a bitter-sweet tale of a lonely woman being offered the chance of true love on the Paris metro. I actually find it hard to watch it's so sorrowful! Orreindy has been making films for a while and has apparently been working on a feature,  The Ummo Mystery.


Validation by Kurt Kuenne (2007) (USA) (16m)

Validation is an amusing film that could easily be in the comedy section. Validation, written and directed by Kurt Kuenne, is a modern-day fable about a guy who is validating parking tickets at a mall but also validating the customers by giving them compliments. He likes to see people smile but the one girl he wants to make smile more than anything appears to be a lost cause. A slightly mawkish ending is outweighed by its general awesomeness.


Signs by Patrick Hughes (2008) (Australia) (12m)

A good example of a visual romantic short film, Signs was brought to the screen by Australian filmmaker, Patrick Hughes, with writing credits including Karl Fleet and Nick Worthington. It is a universal story about a guy and a girl working in opposite office blocks and therefore relient on signs to pursue their coy courtship. It is not the most subtle short film but it has proven very popular online.

Mei Ling by Lansaque & Leroy (2009) (France) (15m) *

Written and directed by French duo, Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy, Me Ling is an unusual but lovely animation set in China (or is it Hong Kong). Mei Ling is a young Chinese living on her own and waiting eternally for her cold-hearted boyfriend. However, having chopped up an adult octapus, she finds a baby octapus lurking in the kitchen sink, and decides to spare its life. The octapus grows and a silent friendship builds up between two loners.

Mei Ling

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