Four more of the best sci-fi and fantasy short films from around the world.

Sniffer by Bobbie Peers (2006) (Norway) (10m) *

Sniffer was written and directed by Bobbie Peers, a Norwegian filmmaker with a string of short films under his belt. None have proved as successful as Sniffer, which won Palme d'Or for the best short film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. It is an unusual but beautifully shot tale, set in its own grey and apparently gravity-free world, about a man who works as a sniffer (watch it to find out!) and dreams off escaping the leaden boots that hold him down.



Seraphim by Kip Kubin (2014) (USA) (4m) *

Written and directed by Kip Kubin, the visually stunning Seraphim was a finalist in the 8th FILMSshort competition. It is a simple sci-fi story set in a dystopian world, which is being overrun by unknown creatures. We find one of the survivors living alone in a caravan but on the lookout for any of those frightening aliens. Can he really defend himself against one or is he and the world doomed? You can see competition winners here.


Singular by Juan Orozco (2014) (Colombia) (6m) *

Singular was written by Esteban Orozco and directed by Juan Orozco. Although from Colombia, the two brother set this sci-fi short film in America with English dialogue. Singular flips the usual superhero scenario by presenting us with a world where everyone has superpowers except one person. Andy, the abnormally normal kid, comes face to face with a group of bullies led by Sofia, who enjoy belittling their weak compatriot. But what begins as an ordinary prank soon escelates into a life-or-death situation.

Luxo Jr

Voice Over by Martin Rosete (2011) (Spain) (11m)

Written by Luiso Berdejo (REC, Violet) and directed by Martin Rosete, Voice Over is a visually stunning short film from Spain, which appears to have had a budget to die for. It presents three different extreme situations, where the voiceover is actually very similar, with a man having only a few minutes to live unless he achieves something. It could be read as a postmodern take on the sameness and forced drama of Hollywood movies or simply a fun exploration of an idea. Though made by Spaniards, the language is French..)

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