Mother of Many

Mother of Many by Emma Lazenby (2010) (UK) (6m) *

Emma Lazenby had been working as an animator on the children's animated television show Charlie and Lola before directing her BAFTA-winning film about the day in a life of a midwife, who I think is pregnant herself. Despite the unrealistic animation style, the birthing scenes are actually pretty graphic. There is not a great deal of story in this six minute film so I think it must have appealed to the women on the judging panel, or the men trying to be feministic.

A Matter of Loaf and Death by Nick Park (2008) (UK) (30m)

English animator Nick Park has won several BAFTA and Oscars for his fantastic stop-motion animations featuring his famous duo, Wallace & Gromit. In A Matter of Loaf and Death, co-written by Bob Baker, the gadget-loving pair have opened up a bakery and turned their house into a windmill. But there is a mystery to solve. Someone is killing local bakers and, with Wallace falling in love, it's up to Gromit (isn't it always?) to do the detective work.

Matter of Loaf & Death

Pearce Sisters

The Pearce Sisters by Luis Cook (2008) (UK) (9m)

An unnerving black comedy about two old spinsters who live alone on a wet and windy strip of coast, living off the fish they catch and living inside a wooden hut. One day the rescue a handsome, half-drowned fisherman, but their ugliness and the dress in which they robe him cause him make a run for it. A gruesome revelation awaits the viewer in this unsettling animation. It was produced by multi-award winning Aardman Animations, with whom Luis Cook worked. If you like The Pearce Sisters, rate it and share it.

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