Guy 101 by Ian W. Gouldstone (2006) (USA/UK) (10m)

Ian W. Gouldstone is a native New Yorker but lived for ten years in London, England, during which time he made this quirky 2007 winner about the detached nature of the internet and the darker side of (gay) sex. Gouldstone also taught animation at the Univesity of Wales before relocating to Melbourne, Australia, where he continues to work as an animator and game developer. He co-founded Pachinko Pictures with David G. Surman in order to do so.

Guy 101

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy by Sejong Park (2004) (Korea) (8m) *

Birthday Boy, by Korean-born Sejong Park, is a beautiful computer animation set in 1951 - during the destructive Korean War. Little Manuk is playing around his war ravaged village and dreaming of life at the front, where his father is a soldier. It is his birthday and when he returns home to find a parcel on the doorstep he innocently assumes it to be a present and opens it. It won the Best Short Animation BAFTA and was nominated for an Oscar in 2005.

Jojo in the Stars

Jojo in the Stars by Marc Craste (2003) (UK) (12m)

The computer animated Jojo in the Stars was written and directed by Marc Craste, who works as an animator in the UK commercials industry. In Jojo in the Stars, we are presented with a bleak and desolate world where a circus of misfits provides the main source of entertainment to the strange, little inhabitants. One of these inhabitants, smaller than most, has fallen in love with a flying performer with but his effort to save her from the cruel ringmaster are unlikely to be successful. See also Varmints.

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