Flatlife by Jonas Geirnaert (2004) (Belgium) (10m) *

Flatlife is a comical animation from Belgian Jonas Geirnaert. We are given a side view of four rooms that divide up the screen equally and watch as an action in one room has an effect on another. There is also a constant flow between the different flats with what goes around coming around. Flatlife was nominated for the Palme d'Or and won the Jury Prize for best shot film at Cannes in 2004. I do not exactly know why the panda is flyiing despite the TV images.

The God by Konstantin Bronzit (2004) (Russia) (4m) *

Also found on my second page of short films from the Rest Of The World, The God is from Russian Konstantin Bronzit, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2009. In 2004 he created this brilliant film in which a statue of Hindu deity, Shiva, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. In his increasingly frustrated attempts, Shiva causes himself more and more problems...

The God

The Eagleman Stag by Michael Please (2011) (USA) (9m)

Although Michael Please is American, this BAFTA winning all white stop motion animation feels British because it is voiced by veteran British actor David Cann. It is a mind-bending and strangely dark comedy about a man's obsession with time and death and the extreme lengths he goes to in order to counter them. He appears to have the answer in a beetle he finds but fails to share his discovery and whether he finally succeeds or not is open to interpretation.

Eagleman Stag

Photograph of Jesus

Photograph of Jesus by Laurie Hill (2008) (UK) (7m)

Photograph Of Jesus is a hard film to categorise, which is perhaps why I like it so much. It is a funny, interesting, stop-motion, animation documentary about some of the weirder and more asinine requests for photographs at Getty Images (including the request for a photograph of Jesus). It is narrated by an archivist Matthew Butson and is the second short film by London-based animator Laurie HIll.

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