Social Security by Peter Smith (2011) (UK) (2m)

Sociel Security by Peter Smith was a finalist in the very first FILMSshort competition in 2011 and won the award for best animation at the short film competition that year. It is a simple idea well executed, with a low-key, dry and rather British sense of humour. It is narrated by the newcomer to an office job while a series of images depict his words with amusing and ever-increasing complexity.

Social Security

Old Man & The Sea

The Old Man & The Sea by A Petrov (1999) (Canada) (20m) 

Aleksandr Petrov's The Old Man And The Sea won the Best Short Animation Oscar and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2000. It is a film based on Ernest Hemingway's famous 1952 novella about an old fisherman, Santiago, who struggles to land a giant marlin (a type of large biilfish!) off Cuba. It took Russian-born Petrov two whole years to paint the 30,000 frames. It is very beautiful and epitomises Canada's prestigious position in the world of short animation.  

Bunny by Chris Wedge (1998) (US) (7m) *

How do you get to direct an animated feature film like Ice Age? Make a beautiful animation like Bunny first. Or at least that's what Chris Wedge did and picking up the Oscar for best short animation in 1999 probably didn't hurt his chances. He also voices Scrat, the saber-toothed, acorn-obsessed squirrel in the Ice Age series (four features including Ice Age: Contintental Drift). In Bunny, we find an elderly doe (female rabbit) pestered by a moth - but is the the moth trying to tell her something... just watch it!


The Bead Game by Ishu Patel (1977) (UK) (5m)

The Bead Game was made by Indian born animator Ishu Patel, who worked at the National Film Board of Canada for more than 20 years. The NFBC so dominated animation during the latter half of the 20th century that they really warrant their own page. Patel won the BAFTA for Best Short Fictional Film with The Bead Game in 1978. It was nominated for an Oscar the same year and remains a mesmerising example of stop-motion animation to this day.

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