Mister Hollow

Mister Hollow by Gudiño & Marcone (08) (Canada) (6m) *15 Certificate

The whole title of this brilliant animation is The Facts In The Case Of Mister Hollow. It was co-directed by Rodrigo Gudiño and Vincent Marcone with the writing credit attached to Gudino. Once again, Canada brings us the best in animation with this deceptively simple short horror flick. It is apparently based upon a real-life photograph from the 1930s, while its title references The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar, a short story by the grandfather of horror, Egdar Allen Poe.

Still Life

Still Life by Jon Knautz (2005) (Canada) (8m) *15 Certificate

Written by Charles Johnston, Still Life is more unsettling than truly horrific. In Still Life, a pill-popping driver takes is passing through a small Canadian town when he hits something: apparently a china mannequin. He goes for help but the town is populated by the lifeless mannequins - who only move when he is looking the other way. They are reminiscent of the 'angels' in the Doctor Who television series from the UK but Still Life did, of course, come first.

Slash-In-The-Box by Nick Everhart (2011) (USA) (5m)

Written and directed by American horror specialist Nick Everhart, Slash-In-The-Box is stuffed full of horror film conventions. So much so that it could almost be considered a horror parody. But it is still immensely enjoyable and delivers the chills that one would expect from a horror short film. In Slash In The Box, a husband has brought back an old Jack-in-the-box toy, to which his wife takes an instant dislike. She is of course right to find the toy scary, for during the night the Jack-in-the-box comes to life...

The Sandman by Paul Berry 15 Certificate(1991) (UK) (9m) *

The Sandman was nominated for a short animation Oscar in 1993. In this twisted stop-motion short movie the figure of the Sandman, who is traditionally said to bring pleasant dreams by sprinkling sand onto the eyes of sleeping children, is turned into a much darker character. It is time for bed but a little girl is afraid of the dark upstairs of her crooked house. Once the girl is in bed, the moon-faced Sandman enters the house... but what does he seek?

The Sandman

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