The Bridge Partner by Gabriel Olson (2015) (USA) (14m)

The Bridge Partner tells the tale of the rather meek Mattie and her glamorous new bridge partner, Olivia, who threatens to kill Mattie in an incongruous whisper soon after their first meeting. Mattie is understandably perturbed. Was it a joke? Should she tell others? Confront Olivia? Is Olivia really planning to kill Mattie simply because she knows Mattie will put up no defence? The Bridge Partner has an understated Hitchcockian feel to it, is beautifully shot and the acting is wonderful.

Latched by Brunner & Harding (2017) (USA) (17m)

Latched is a short horror film with Hollywood production values that did very well on the short flim festival circuit. It follows the story single mother, Alana, and her breast-feeding toddler, Bowen, who arrive for an autumn break in their island cottage so Alana can work on her dance choreography. Alana has an unfortunate habit of closing her eyes while dancing and Bowen soon pulls out what looks like a dead fairy from the hollow of a tree. When spilt breast milk brings the creature to life, it turns out that it is not a benevolent being and Alana will need to keep her eyes open.


Zapato & Caldera

The Rizzle by Josh Tanner (2018) (Australia) (4m)

The Rizzle sees a teenage girl watching online videos of dancers from the 1920s when she stumbles across one called the Rizzle. Having watched the energetic dance, the video challenges her to perform it herself. Knowing this is a horror film, the viewer can assume that performing the said dance will be akin to saying "Candyman" five times. Unfortunately, our heroine is unaware that she is trapped within the a horror film and is thus in for a rude awakening.

The Jigsaw by Al-Safar Bros. (2014) (UK/Portugal) (8m)

The Jigsaw has added FILMSshort's Best BAME Short Film Award to those it garnered on the festival circuit. It is a classic horror with a sting in its tail, in which an ageing loner insists on buying a jigsaw despite there being no picture of what it will be and the shopkeeper warning him it always ends up back in the store. When the elderly gentleman gets it to his remote coastal house, he quickly gets to work on it. However, it soon becomes apparent that there is a reason why the box had no picture on it.

The Shore

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